TUUDOO is, first and foremost, a community of people united by both a professional and a personal relationship.

A strong relationship that has allowed us to work in synergy together towards a common goal.

On our own, without the help of this group of people, we would never have made it.

This is why we want to give our heartfelt thanks to…


  • Photosfactory (Eleonora Bonoretti, Matteo Blu Simon)
  • Mattia Medici
  • Elena Lasagni
  • Marco Lugli - www.marcolugli.name
  • Carlo Pini

Hair Stylist:

  • Fabio Federici


  • Rossella Occhi

Miriam Fracavallo - Project Manager

Antonio Circiello - Web Developer

Davide Redeghieri - SEO Specialist - www.universweb.it

IKO DESIGN di Paola Goldoni - www.ikodesign.it

IL MATTATOIO - Carpi  (MO)- www.mattatoiocultureclub.it

LOSCHI MAURO SPA - www.loschimauro.com

And all the amazing models who posed for us: Fabio Turci, Luca Ferrari, Anastasia Sergeeva, Linda Filippin, Marcella Buganza, Ilaria Lugli, Ivan De Iesu, Andrea Lugli.